First truly uncomfortable host family moment

When my classes are done for the day my evening goes like this: grab lappy, sit in the living room and check my blogs/facebook/twitter, socialize with my host family, and wait for dinner. Once dinner is over, I generally linger for a bit before returning to my room where I watch Gossip Girl do my homework. But tonight things went terribly wrong.

My host brother returned home from another day of golfing. He and my host dad started talking about something and this is when the French gets faster and slang-ier so I tend to tune it out and focus on whatever is on my computer screen. After a few minutes of zoning out I realized that the conversation around me was getting heated. I tuned back in only to realize that I was currently sitting in the middle of a full-on family meeting.

You see, my host brother didn’t go to college after he graduated. Instead he went abroad to live with some family and try to get a job (at least this is what I think happened from the various French phrases that were thrown my way upon his return). When that situation didn’t work out, he came back here. Now, instead of working or going to school, he just hangs out all day. A few days ago he purchased some golf clubs, so now he golfs all day with his buddies. Back to the family meeting.

Basically my host dad was just lecturing at my host brother that he needs to do something with his life besides playing golf all day with my host brother responding that he doesn’t know what he wants to do, so why not have fun while he’s figuring it out? But see, by the time I had figured out that this was what was going on around me, it was too late to move. The discussion was serious and I was literally sitting in the middle of it, what was I supposed to do, just get up and go? Unfortunately the opportunity to make a graceful exit did not arise, so I did what I do best in France: looked like I had no idea what was going on.

Luckily, dinner was served not long after that and the conversation became friendly again. But that’s the last time I zone out when someone comes home with a golf bag in tow.


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