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Hey there Party People
December 30, 2010

Well, it’s been awhile. I’m just going to dive right in here. As Lorelai Gilmore would say, call me Greg Louganis.

I spent the majority of fall quarter pining for my favorite person who was studying abroad. Our relationship has been pretty abstract for the past few years, but we have been involved on and off since we graduated from high school. There have been times in my life, especially recently, when I pictured my future and it was him. At one point we had the potential to go the distance and I was ready to give our relationship a shot. Certain events have transpired (is my vagueness bothering you yet?) and it has become clear to me that we just don’t make sense anymore. I reacted the way most people would: crying, drinking, embarrassing confessions, and eventually acceptance.

While I’ve never really been the type to need a guy in my life in order to feel whole, these last few months have brought on a desire for a relationship. Although there is nothing really going on in the romance department right now, there is a lot going on in the me department.

Today I completed my internship at a local newspaper. It was my first experience in a real-world news situation and, if I do say so myself, I did a damn good job. I was confident in my writing skills, had a number of front page articles and earned the respect of my colleagues and editors. It was a great experience and made me realize that I am pretty good at what I do. For my first big kid job it went surprisingly well and I am so grateful for the experience.

On the other end of the spectrum is my body image. I have lost some weight since starting fall quarter and it has significantly improved my self-confidence. It’s not like a “Holy cow, you lost so much weight!” kind of thing, more of a “Hey, my clothes fit differently and I like it” kind of thing. For the first time ever in my life, I feel sexy. I’m serious. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to explore this new side of me when I get back to school. Additionally, I am studying abroad in France spring quarter. I am so excited to take my new, uber-confident self on a life changing trip.

I have a lot going for me right now. It sort of seems like everything in my life is coming together to make me a person worthy of a kick-ass relationship. And if that’s not where I’m headed? That’s cool. I like the person I am becoming right now and I’m content with working on that relationship for awhile. I am truly coming into my own and I can’t wait to see where the next six months take me.

Did you think I wouldn’t post a song? Please.