I’ve got a tight grip on reality

I’m fucking stressed. I had a minor breakdown in front of the entire chapter on Sunday, I can’t stop listening to Paramore and all I want to do is go home.

Luckily, along with my two journalism classes, French for business, and badminton, I enrolled in acting this quarter. Megan and two other girls from the house are in the class too. I am fairly certain that this acting class is keeping me sane.

We start the class by centering ourselves. This involves stretching, vocal exercises and deep breathing. It’s glorious. Yesterday we spent the last part of class sitting silently with our eyes closed trying to focus on particular noises in and outside of the room. Another goal of this quiet time was to be as present in the moment as possible. This was extremely difficult for me, due to the aforementioned stress, and I was actually surprised by how much effort it took to just be in the moment. So, I have decided to start applying my acting lesson of being in the moment to everyday life. In order to let go of some of the tension in my life, I am going to make a more concentrated effort to focus on the now. So far it’s helping.

Also, I’ve started taking Zumba. It’s awesome.


2 Responses

  1. I just came across your blog. I’m not much of a blogger…at all, but yours definitely intrigued me. I first saw your opinion on remember me; I definitely agree with you on everything. I’d also like to add that it made September 11 more real for me. It made me remember why people were so moved by it and why people could be so against muslims building a mosque 2 blocks away from ground zero.

    Anyway, I LOVE PARAMORE! It seems we have a lot of similar opinions and interests. Except I’m not much of a writer, just a reader.

    Oh and I am also extremely stressed due mostly in part by school and applying to colleges. Oh the joys of senior year.
    So I can definitely relate. My only calming factor though is being around my friends and procrastinating. (Which also happens to be my downfall.)

    You probably have plenty to write/read/do so I’ll leave my ramblings at that. Good luck with everything!

    • Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy future posts and that your stress levels are going down, haha.

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