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…I Think I’m Going Back
August 23, 2010

Well friends, it’s back-to-school time. With all that has been going on with my family recently, I have been a bit reluctant to leave Bay. After talking to Alisa today, however, I realized how excited I am to see my friends and move back into the house.

One of my favorite parts of being in Athens is living in the sorority house and (at the risk of sounding shallow) getting ready for a night out. I love blaring the music, swapping clothes, helping with hair and makeup, and the absolute possibility of a great night ahead. That time has a hopefulness about it. Will the night be a dud, or will this be one of the nights you talk about for weeks, even months afterward? That excitement and time together is what I can’t wait to get back to. Only 5 more days!


30 Things I love about myself
August 20, 2010

It’s Love Yourself Week over at The Frisky, so I decided to follow the lead of a few of those lovely ladies and come up with a list of things I love about myself.

1. My long, naturally wavy hair that makes me feel sexy when I shake it around.

2. How loyal and protective I am of my friends.

3. I can read music, play the flute (while marching in formation) and sing pretty decently.

4. I have a good sense of direction and keep my cool if I ever get lost while driving.

5. My boobs.

6. My expansive and diverse taste in music.

7. I read for fun and am practically a walking Harry Potter encyclopedia.

8. I can ski on both snow and water.

9. My imagination and the fact that I bond with fictional characters.

10. I am not a picky eater.

11. I know all the lines in quite a few movies, including The Sound of Music, 10 Things I Hate About You, and The Parent Trap.

12. I am not afraid of bees, wasps, etc.

13. When all this shit happened with my parents’ divorce, I had no qualms about seeing a therapist in order to maintain my mental stability.

14. How freakishly punctual I am.

15. Even though I hate my role as treasurer for my sorority (money is not my thing), I have never seriously considered quitting the job.

16. When arguing with someone or proving a point, I am extremely articulate.

17. I write well.

18. I got over my fear of driving.

19. I am “emotionally mature” and am never afraid to cry when I need to.

20. I have been camping and backpacking since I was 5.

21. My confidence has skyrocketed since starting college.

22. I enjoy my own company and like staying in by myself every now and then.

23. As far as grades go, I’m a fairly effortlessly good student and a really good test-taker.

24. I am relatively low-maintenance.

25. Even after a crazy night out, I always wash my face and brush my teeth before going to bed.

26. I can bake some pretty kick-ass desserts.

27. I am still very close with my friends from high school.

28. I am responsible and keep it as classy as possible.

29. How important my family is to me.

30. My long eyelashes, healthy nails, and straight teeth.

What do you love about yourself?

Keep it going louder
August 7, 2010

Tonight I went to the Indians game with a group of great people and it was easily one of the best nights of the summer. Besides the delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant on East 4th and an awesome, bottom of the ninth, game-winning home run, the highlight of this evening was the wave. We were sitting right next to the Indians bullpen, so we were in prime position to start the wave. After quite a few tries and a lot of encouragement to our neighbors, we were able to start a wave that went around The Jake 5 whole times! What I love about doing the wave at a sporting event is that everyone participates. No one is picking sides or acting hostile, everyone is just expressing their excitement in a mutual, harmless way. It was so cool. Thanks to everyone who made tonight so fun!

Oh, and, because you should expect it by now, have a song.

Can’t believe we’re leaving for Torch in a matter of hours. I guess I should pack.