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I’ve got nothing to do today but smile
March 31, 2010

You know that Simon and Garfunkel song “The Only Living Boy in New York”? Well, on nights like tonight, I sing my own little version called “The Only Sober Girl in Athens.”

Although a Tuesday may not strike you as a night to get your drink on, remember that this is Ohio University, where it is acceptable to get schwasted on any day ending in “y.” I had to work on some stuff for my Treasurer position tonight (ok, and LOST was on) so I stayed in. Also, I did not feel like spending money I barely have or ingesting calories I won’t exercise off. Anyways, that led to me being rather lonely in my quiet house tonight. The depressing thing is that I have gotten used to being one of the only people home while everyone else is out drinking.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going out and imbibing with my friends, just not as frequently as others do. My conscience has always gotten the better of me, so when opportunities such as tonight’s present themselves, I usually pass for the more responsible option of getting my life together. I was like that in high school too.

Over break, I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High at Joe’s and it reminded me how safely I acted in high school. I rarely took risks if I knew I would most likely get caught, and I don’t think I have one crazy I-broke-the-rules-and-it-was-awesome story. I mean, I didn’t even skip class. Not even band!┬áNights like tonight remind me of High School Hannah and how I regret that I don’t have more crazy stories from my youth. I could say that I will start eschewing my responsibilities in favor of spontaneous nights on the town, but that’s just not in my nature. I guess I will just have to start making my weekends really count!


Happy First Day of Spring Quarter!
March 29, 2010

It is truly something to celebrate.

I’m not normally a big Panic! At The Disco person, but this has been stuck in my head all day:

Friday never hesitates
March 26, 2010

On Friday mornings during my senior year of high school, my sister and I would get coffee and then listen to “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure all the way to school. Whenever I hear that song, I think of her and 7:30 am.

Saw this on The Frisky this afternoon:

Happy Friday to all!

I have found my calling.
March 25, 2010

My mom finally got cable and, since I have no car at my disposal during school hours, my spring break has been an adventure through the multiple channels now available to me. All of this couch time has led me to my future profession: traveling food show host.

Bobby and I watched a lot of Man v. Food over Christmas break and he heard me declare many times, “I could totally eat that!” I am nothing if not a world champion eater and I think it is time for the world to know. I could do Anthony Bourdain’s job on No Reservations. Travel the world and eat local foods? Yeah, I think I could handle that.

But I cannot just wait for one of these guys to pass their show onto an eagerly waiting apprentice (pick me!) so I will have to come up with my own concept. What would get me exploring both the cultural and culinary worlds? Maybe I could find the best dining hall food in America, although the trial and error for that does not sound too appealing. Perhaps I will traverse the world for the finest ice cream cone? But I do not know if that could be an entire show in and of itself. I will keep brainstorming.

In case someone from the Travel Channel and/or Food Network ever happens upon this post:

I am relatively healthy, studying broadcast journalism, and can totally handle whatever gastrointestinal abuse you want to throw my way! I am at your disposal!

Honestly, what would Sandy say?
March 25, 2010

Grease was on Vh1 tonight, which is awesome, but it was followed by Grease 2. As I have never seen it before, I decided to tune in (and the remote was far away and I didn’t feel like moving). Anyways, I’m confused. Is there a plot to this movie? Also, why are they singing about the biological aspects of reproduction and “doing it for our country?” This sad excuse for a movie does not deserve to carry the Grease title.

“You’ve got a knee, it’s bigger than the rest of you.”
March 23, 2010

Tonight Michelle, Kelly and I did some Chatroulette. We also found this video of Ben Folds on Chatroulette live from a concert in Charlotte. How come that guy on the toilet got Ben Folds and all we got was male genitalia?

Winter Quarter, you won’t be missed.
March 19, 2010

Oh man, do I love a group sing along.

Finals week is over for me, so I’m staying up late watching Almost Famous (do I know how to party, or what?). Home tomorrow, at long last!

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

Lester Bangs

Also, apparently my school is good at sports now. Ohio University very unexpectedly beat Georgetown tonight in the NCAA tournament. It was nice to see the campus go nuts and come together over something other than just drinking for drinking’s sake. Here’s hoping the Bobcats can keep it up!

“You’re in it right now, aren’t you?”
March 17, 2010

I should be studying, or sleeping, but I am watching Garden State instead.

Andrew: You know that point in your life when you realize the house you grew up in isn’t really your home anymore? All of a sudden even though you have some place where you put your shit, that idea of home is gone.

Sam: I still feel at home in my house.

Andrew: You’ll see one day when you move out it just sort of happens one day and it’s gone. You feel like you can never get it back. It’s like you feel homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist.

I have felt this way since the first time I came home from school for the weekend. It is a very unsettling feeling, especially since my parents split. It’s like, even when I go home, it’s not really home. It’s like I want to go home to a different time entirely, not just a place. It’s a home that doesn’t exist anymore.

Observations from the ADPi Porch
March 16, 2010

I live in my sorority house on campus. It is big and white and centrally located, so people walk past it all of the time. The finest feature, I think, of our house is the giant porch out front. When the weather is even remotely nice, the porch becomes our family room and one can expect to see five to ten girls out there at any given time. It was on one of these particularly fine days that I found myself lounging on the front porch and people watching.

During my creeping, I discovered something: people walk quickly. I know that does not seem to be some epic realization about mankind, but seriously, there are some fast walkers out there. People hustle to class, from class, to the dining hall, to the bar, whatever. And, often times, they are completely tuned out to the rest of the world. With their cellphones attached to their ears or headphones drowning out the noise of their fellow fast walkers, these pedi-commuters have successfully perfected the art of missing out on the things around them.

The air is warm and sweet and everyone is happy, but these people are missing it. What is so important that these people cannot stop and enjoy the atmosphere around them? Have then been summoned to complete some sort of mission with a deadline enforced by death? Doubtful, if only because nothing that dramatic ever happens in Athens. I know it is finals week, people, and I know that the hours available for studying are few, but slow down! Stop dodging and darting your way down the sidewalk and just pace yourself. You would be much less stressed if you did.

Look what came up in my shuffle
March 16, 2010

Does anyone remember this song?

It came up while my iTunes was on shuffle today. When I was younger, like 10 probably, a video set to this song was played on ZOOM. It was my favorite episode.