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I am joining the World Curling Federation.
February 27, 2010

I love the Olympics, as we all know. But tonight, they failed me. There I was, sitting with my mom and my dog, soaking up the worldwide competition, when ice dancing came on. The U.S. skaters, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, put on a beautiful performance to a cool cover of “Billie Jean” and I was cheering them on when the announcer said they were taking a semester off from University of Michigan.

Taking a semester off. They are in college. Therefore, they are my age. They are my age, taking a semester off of school, and performing in the Olympics. They are my age and have won a silver medal at the world’s largest, most famous competition. While this is all quite impressive, it just reminds me how unaccomplished I am. I want to be an Olympic silver medalist! Maybe I should get serious about curling…

If you play this in the background, it automatically makes whatever you are doing epic. I will just have to settle for that while I train for Women’s Curling in Sochi, Russia in 2014.

I am now watching Evan Lysacek skate to “Rhapsody in Blue”. He is so nice to look at, but it freaks me out that a guy could be so graceful when I, a girl, am so not. He is very talented though, and truly impressive to watch on the ice.


Take it Easy
February 25, 2010

My life has been a little out of control lately. The pressures of school and my position as treasurer of my sorority have been getting to me and my life has literally been falling apart at the seams. I had never had a panic attack before this past weekend and I have had about four since then. Anyways, when things are out-of-my-hands crazy, I like to have control over at least one thing, so last night I dyed my hair.

A rash decision perhaps, especially considering that after the dye had been applied to my head I realized that it was permanent, as opposed to the semi-permanent that I have used in the past. Eh, whatever. I think it looks good, and at least it’s one thing I have absolute control over.

I tried to post before and after pictures, but my layout was getting all wonky, so here is a color swatch for your viewing pleasure:

Nice 'n Easy 112A: Natural Dark Reddish Brown

My life is slowly coming back together now, and here’s what I am listening to as the stress disappears and weights are lifted:

I saw sparks
February 22, 2010

Even before the unfortunate incident with my parents occurred, I have had my doubts about marriage. While I do not deny that I want to someday get married and have a happy and successful relationship, I cannot fathom spending the majority of my life with the same person. I have never enjoyed a boyfriend’s presence so much that I felt the need to be around them constantly. Don’t get me wrong, I have been in love and cared for a person more than I thought possible, I just get bored.

My little, Jenna, has tried to explain to me that such a love exists, and she uses her relationship with her boyfriend as an example. I am happy for her and those other people that can picture their relationship with someone else lasting 4eva, I am just not one of them. The only people with whom I can spend hours on end are Michelle and my sister. Grateful though I am for these friendships, they are not helpful on the dating front as I am heterosexual, and while friendship can make a solid foundation for love, I do not want to date Michelle (no offense).

I know that I am too young to worry about marriage, but I am not too young to worry about the purpose of relationships. But then, maybe I just worry too much.

February 18, 2010

I am feeling rather glum.

It has been a stressful day, and I have more fun ahead of me. My two page French paper is due Monday, but I want to get some of it done before District Leadership Conference in Ypsilanti, Michigan this weekend. Yes, DLC is upon us, and this is my first time going. For those unfamiliar with the term, DLC is a meeting of leaders from all of the Alpha Delta Pi chapters in our district. As a leader (I know, right?), I am attending. It is going to be quite the adpi-tastic event, and I am very excited to meet the other women in our district! But, this means that I will be gone all weekend, so I need to get work done now.

It’s also Sibs Weekend at OU this weekend, and my sister was not very happy when I told her I would not be here. Other girls offered to host her, but Sibs Weekend just isn’t the same if you’re not with your actual sib. I miss my sister. I miss my mom and my dog too. When I have had a stressful day like today, I just want to be home with them. They don’t judge or critique me (too much) and it is so relaxing to be with people who accept you unconditionally. Living in the sorority house is a lot like that; there is an acceptance here. It’s not the same as home, though.

I should get to work. Or maybe I’ll go buy some cookie dough and watch Garden State instead. Here is what I am listening to as I decide:

I wanted to post ‘Tis Autumn, but it turns out YouTube doesn’t have much of a Les Brown selection.

But now I’m gold
February 15, 2010

I love the Olympics and I love this commercial.

And the good girls are home with broken hearts
February 15, 2010

Today managed to be hectic and stressful despite the fact that all I did was watch The Mighty Ducks trilogy with Alisa. A little JM always helps me wind down. This song makes me think of driving down Lake Road in the summer with my windows down and the music cranked up so loudly that I cannot even hear myself sing. Good stuff.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, or whatever.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!
February 12, 2010

Although I am newly single for this holiday devoted to couples in lurve, I cannot be depressed. In this world full of hostility, a day celebrating love is desperately needed. Here is a little Valentine’s Day treat, courtesy of The Frisky and Moviephone, for those who need to tap into their loving side.

Hey, Soul Sister
February 12, 2010

For my sister, who has been asking for new music, I have compiled a list of the songs I cannot get enough of recently:

The previously posted Trouble by Ray LaMontagne and Hello by Schuyler Fisk.

Paperweight by Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin

From Where I’m Standing by Schuyler Fisk (we really like her in Front Quad)

Counting to 100 by Matt Wertz

Better Man by James Morrison

Drop it Low Girl by Ester Dean

Mouthful of Diamonds by Phantogram

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (Oasis is still good! This is just different)

The First Five Times by Stars

The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us! by Sufjan Stevens

Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple

So, some throwbacks and some new stuff. Enjoy!

“I only have ten more years to look good in a wedding dress!”
February 10, 2010

In true Front Quad fashion, instead of studying or doing homework, we have spent the past hour or so snacking and planning our future weddings. We even made a list of predictions that I am documenting here. So, here goes:

Emily Renae Bennett:

Married by age 25

Colors: Black and red

Ceremony at her church in Zanesville, Reception at the “K of C”

Also, at the reception, each couple in the wedding party will dance in to their own song.

Kelly Ann O’Donnell:

Married by age 25

Colors: Black and fuscia (good luck with that, Kel)

Ceremony at a Catholic church, reception somewhere fabulous

Alisa Jane Caton:

Married by age 28

Colors: Yellow?

She hasn’t put much thought into this yet.


Married by age 27

Colors: Navy and white

Ceremony at Bay United Methodist Church, Reception downtown maybe?

“At Last” will play at some point

Naturally, this whole list is documented on our sorority’s stationary as well, because we’re cliché.

On a neck, on a spit
February 8, 2010

In my efforts to avoid studying for my French exam, I came across this article in the New York Times. It depicts a day with Jenny Sanford, the soon-to-be ex-first lady of South Carolina. She describes the pain she feels returning to the governor’s mansion after having separated from her husband upon hearing of his infidelities. The story is depressing for anyone, but for me, I hear Mrs. Sanford’s story and think of my mom.

I found out this past August that my parents were getting divorced, and my dad’s infidelities were disclosed shortly afterwards. I have often asked myself many of the questions asked to Mrs. Sanford by the reporter, especially, Why? Whereas my own father cites boredom and loneliness as his reasons for straying, Mark Sanford claims to have found his “soulmate” in Argentina. Mrs. Sanford’s recently published memoir, Staying True, describes the whole ordeal. While I understand her need to put the events on paper, I cannot help but feel for her four sons. If her stories are anything like those I have heard from my parents in the past few months, that book will contain information those boys never wanted to know.

I admire Mrs. Sanford’s courage and openness in her situation, and her attitude reminds me of my mom. Despite learning things about my parents that a child should never find out, the more I am told about the divorce, the more I respect my mom. She has always been a role model for me, being everything a girl could ask for in a mother, but recent events have shed light on a strength I never knew she had. I admire her courage, but at the same time, I hope I am never in a situation where I would have to test my own strength like that. No one should have to suffer through something like that.

This passage at the very end of the article really stuck with me. Mrs. Sanford’s stoic nature shifts for just a short moment, and you see the true effects of the divorce before she quickly gathers her composure.

Asked why Mr. Sanford strayed from his steadfast helpmate, the mother of his four sons, a banker who learned to cook venison and pheasant shot by her menfolk, Mrs. Sanford hesitated. Her eyes welled up. Then she straightened her shoulders.

“His loss,” she replied.