Athens, I missed you.

When we went out a few nights ago, Alisa and I locked our door.  Our other two roommates, Marissa and Emily, were already gone and they returned home after us, so it would appear that no one entered our room while we were not there, unless they somehow had a room key.  We all went to bed after a fun night and slept without interruption until morning.  When Alisa awoke, she found the memo board that she had hung on her wall sitting in the middle of her desk.  This was odd because she had not placed it there and had the board fallen, it would have knocked over multiple things on its way down.  Upon closer inspection, it was found that all of Alisa’s pictures on said board had been rearranged and placed upside down.  Weird, right?  Wait for it.  When Alisa first tried to hang that board, she used a nail and subsequently put a large hole in our plaster wall.  She then rehung the board over the hole so no one would see it before she could fix it.  When Alisa’s memo board was found rearranged on her desk, the hole in the wall had disappeared.  No joke, there is a small nail dent in the wall but no gaping chunk missing as there was before.  Our only two theories to go in is that someone filled it in without our knowledge or, a more exciting thought, we have a ghost that enjoys spackling.  Wouldn’t that be handy?

P.S. there are freshmen galore roaming the streets of Athens.  Please tell me I didn’t look that lost?


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