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Field Notes on Alisa Jane Caton
September 30, 2009

This is a true account of events occurring in Front Quad not ten minutes ago. 

Alisa and I were both working on our French homework, I at my desk, Alisa on the floor in the middle of the room. She pulled out a bag of potato chips and as she’s snacking, had a revelation. 

“Do you know what my favorite food is?” she asked me. “The potato. Just think about it. Chips. Mashed potatoes. Baked potatoes. Fries. What other food does that?”

She then continued to ponder the food products available today and could not come up with something as versatile as the potato.

“You can put other food in stuff and make it different ways, but it’s always the same. Potatoes change. I would love to have been the person to find the first potato.”

And she’s not even stoned, ladies and gentlemen.


Hello Fall!
September 30, 2009

I love fall.

This past weekend saw the weather in Athens take a turn for the chilly. The sky clouded over, the temperature dropped, and leaves started changing color. I could not be more thrilled! When I went for my run today, I could feel the cold air burning my throat and the fine foggy mist cooling my face. Some may call days like this dreary or depressing, but I proclaim them delightful! I spent a good part of the afternoon enjoying the chill in the air from the front porch while wrapped up in a blanket and my oversized sweater. Call me crazy, but this is way better than all of those muggy 85 degree days we had just a month ago. Bring on October!

Oh and also, I want to be a dinosaur for Halloween. Anyone know where I can find a costume?

And, it’s Michelle’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Michelle Elizabeth Kathleen!

September 29, 2009

I am too excited for this. I am shrieking and making the Jess face. YES!

Who says I can’t get stoned?
September 29, 2009

JM’s new single. Can’t wait for the new album! 

51 days.
September 27, 2009

I told my sister to get these for me for my birthday. She thinks they’re ugly. I still want them.


The new Toms Cordones! I NEED THEM.

The new Toms Cordones! I NEED THEM.

How refreshing!
September 23, 2009

It has been a rather stressful week already so Alisa and I took advantage of $4 Tuesday at the Athena and saw “Paper Heart.” I loved it. It did make me a little depressed about my life (parce que je suis seule) but hearing true accounts of real love makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m such a sucker. Watching it made me hopeful for my future because as awkward as Charlene Yi is, she finds love. Which means that all is not lost for me. I like the puppet parts too. Anyways, here’s the trailer. Go see it.

Notice: Michelle, this movie is for you.

So, after this, Alisa and I were a little down in the dumps. We liked the movie, sure, but it’s one of those that makes you reevaluate things. We went to visit our guy friends afterwards, and after they partook in a few drinks (I abstained, thank you) we got into a conversation about relationships. Basically, the boys informed Alisa and I that guys never look forward to seeing their girlfriends. Ever. And that no matter what the occassion, guys would always rather hang out with their friends than with their girlfriend. Nice, right? Basically Alisa and I sat there and had all of our illusions shattered. Lovely. 

In a moment of weakness today, I bought this dress. I have nowhere to wear it but hey, at least it won’t choose it’s friends over me. 


It looks exactly like this Bebe dress, except its $110 less.

It looks exactly like this Bebe dress, except it's $110 less.

My favorite movie is White Chicks.
September 21, 2009

I am exhausted.

We had part one of recruitment this weekend, which entailed 414 girls coming through our house. 414 girls. Both Saturday and Sunday were devoted to talking to the Potential New Members and then rating them to see who will hopefully join our chapter. As if two full days of talking to strangers is not tiring enough, as an in-house member of the chapter, I stayed up awfully late along with the other girls to decorate the house. My hours of sleep are totaling in at about 6 for the whole weekend. Needless to say that with shaking all those hands, not getting adequate sleep, and the stresses that come with recruitment, I am tired.

Oh, and sick. Did I mention that? I’m freaking sick. I was the healthiest kid you ever did meet, until I came to college. Germs run rampant here and they all just love to infect me with their stupid viruses. So now my throat is sore, I sneeze non stop, and I sleep through my first three classes of the week because of all the Nyquil I took the night before.

We had a fun way to end the weekend: our fire alarm went off at about 5 this morning. I jumped out of my top bunk bed, wrapped a blanket around myself, contemplated grabbing my computer, and then stood across the street from my house in the dark. The first night that the girls in this house can get some decent sleep and we’re woken up at 5 am. God loves us. 

Sorry this post is a bitch-fest but that’s really all that’s happening in my life right now.

September 11, 2009

Go go go! Download the AVPM soundtrack!

Oh, and, in case you were wondering, I kicked ASS in French today. That’s all!

When will I feel all soft on the inside?
September 10, 2009

I am a masochist.

This quarter I am taking French 354: Introduction to Reading French Literature.  In short, it involves reading books (in French) and then discussing them (in French).  Great, right?  I love to read, I love to talk about what I read, sounds fab.  It would be fantastic if only I spoke French. 

Obviously I have some understanding of the language or I would not have enrolled in the class, but having an understanding and contributing to conversation are two very different things.  Nearly everyone else in my 14 person class has been to France at least once and is practically fluent.  I took three years of French in high school where the curriculum consisted mostly of watching American movies with French subtitles.  As much as I love the culture and the language, I am sadly inadequate in the conversation department.  But, my ultimate goal is to study abroad in France and get my specialization in the language, so I signed myself up for this terrifying, overwhelming experience.  Wish me luck.

Athens, I missed you.
September 4, 2009

When we went out a few nights ago, Alisa and I locked our door.  Our other two roommates, Marissa and Emily, were already gone and they returned home after us, so it would appear that no one entered our room while we were not there, unless they somehow had a room key.  We all went to bed after a fun night and slept without interruption until morning.  When Alisa awoke, she found the memo board that she had hung on her wall sitting in the middle of her desk.  This was odd because she had not placed it there and had the board fallen, it would have knocked over multiple things on its way down.  Upon closer inspection, it was found that all of Alisa’s pictures on said board had been rearranged and placed upside down.  Weird, right?  Wait for it.  When Alisa first tried to hang that board, she used a nail and subsequently put a large hole in our plaster wall.  She then rehung the board over the hole so no one would see it before she could fix it.  When Alisa’s memo board was found rearranged on her desk, the hole in the wall had disappeared.  No joke, there is a small nail dent in the wall but no gaping chunk missing as there was before.  Our only two theories to go in is that someone filled it in without our knowledge or, a more exciting thought, we have a ghost that enjoys spackling.  Wouldn’t that be handy?

P.S. there are freshmen galore roaming the streets of Athens.  Please tell me I didn’t look that lost?