I’m in love with your honor, I’m in love with your cheeks

In approximately 7 hours, I will be experiencing Britney Spears live in concert.  I have been counting down to this day for months, not just for the concert but for the amazing weekend that lies ahead of me.  In all honesty, I was surprised I spent money on a ticket to this concert, but I’m so glad I did.  The Pussycat Dolls are opening, which I’m beyond pumped for (I like other music too, I swear!) and I’m going to be spending time with two of my favorite people in the whole world. 

The concert is at Ohio State and when KP first heard about it she ran the idea of attending by me.  As I said before, normally I wouldn’t want to spend my hard earned (ok, borrowed) money on this, but I do love Britney and any excuse to visit KP is a good one, so I jumped on board.  Michelle is coming too as well as our friend Cory.  Cory is leaving Columbus Friday, but Michelle and I are staying until Sunday.  This promises to be a weekend of epic proportions because for the first time in a long time I will have two of my best friends with me.  Michelle and Kelly get me like no one else does and I can’t wait to see them!

Alisa and I had a conversation about our college friendships the other night and we both realized that as much as we love each other and the other friends we have made here this year, our friendships are still very new.  We rushed into forging these strong bonds with people we had just met and our lack of knowledge of each other is starting to show.  We truly don’t know how one of our friends could react in a situation, and this uneasiness is causing tension in some areas.  I don’t know why I expected to create friendships similar to those I had in high school right off the bat; I worked 12 years at my relationships with Michelle, Kelly, and others, so expecting that kind of understanding and compatibility from someone I have only known a few months is unreasonable.  I know that I have found some amazing people here at OU and I’m so glad to have them in my life, but it is going to take some time before we have the strong friendship that I’m used to.  I’m willing to wait though, because I’m sure it will be worth it.

This weekend will be fantastic.  With KP and Michelle it’s so easy to have fun because they completely and absolutely understand me.  I don’t have to explain when I’m being sarcastic or a reference to something in my past because they just get it.  I’ll miss my Athens loves, but it’s been so long since I’ve had some quality Bay Village bonding that I’m antsy to get started!

peace, love, and diamonds. 


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