om nom nom.


I’m always so excited to go back home.  I love seeing my family and my dog!  I even hang out with my parents; my mom and I went shopping and then I watched a movie with her and my dad.  I wish I could have hung out with the sister but she’s off galavanting around Europe (in MY clothes, but whatever, I’m over it) and she looks like she’s having a ball.  Plus, the Easter bunny came and I got a lot of chocolate, and then proceeded to eat it all in about 36 hours.  It’s all very relaxing, but there’s this weird feeling in my stomach the whole time I’m home that says “You’re not supposed to be here.”  Bay Village will always be my home, but I live in Athens now, which is why I’m so excited to be back!

Apparently I missed a lot this weekend, most importantly: KENDALL MOVED INTO THE CONVO. WOOO!  This is going to be awesome, not only because we get to hang all the time (not just in our 2 classes together) but because now when Ken leaves our room at 2 am, I don’t have to worry about her getting jumped on her walk back to her room. 

I’m not sad I missed moving her in though (no offense) because apparently it took about 7 trips across campus (1 mile) in the rain.  I’ll pass.  

Now we’re just waiting for our pizza to come and having a Lounge 1 jam session:

Time for me to start focusing on actual work, I seem to be forgetting that this upcoming week counts as real school. 

And remember: you can own the Earth and still all you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colors of the wind.


One Response

  1. nom nom nom i’m gonna run a train on those mcnuggets.
    just remember to paint with all those colors, of the WINDDDDDDD.
    peace love and diamonds

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