baby, it’s cold outside.

For some reason I like to think that Athens is exempt from the widely accepted Ohio weather laws.  For example, just because we are in Athens (and not Cleveland) does not mean that I should be surprised to see snow in April.  I mean, one spring break when my family stayed home and I painted my room, it snowed the entire time! I’m talking serious lakefront effect, not just these flurries that don’t stick to the ground.  And yet, despite my knowledge of Ohio’s unpredictable precipitation, I left all of my winter apparel at home.


My winter coats, my sweaters, the majority of my sweatshirts.  Hats, scarves, my beautiful leather and cashmere gloves.  I miss them.  And my Uggs!  Those unattractive, cozy, comfortable boots that keep my toes so warm!  I left all of it at home at the end of spring break.  “I live in Southern Ohio now,” I told my mom as I packed.  “It was 70 degrees when I left.  I’ll be fine without this stuff.”  I spoke too soon.  Now all I have to protect me from the chilling wind is a measly North Face fleece jacket and my flannel.  In all honesty I’m not complaining about the flannel; it keeps me warm while giving me a lumberjack/scenester look.  My sister and I bought matching ones from the guys’ section of American Eagle.  Yum.  Although I do love my flannel, when it’s the only thing keeping me insulated from this spring snow shower, I am a little resentful.  

I love the snow, I really do.  I love that first snowfall and getting days off of school.  My favorite thing to do is sit by a fire and watch a movie with some hot chocolate while it’s snowing outside.  But all of those things happen in winter.  It is officially spring now, and the snow just does not belong in this season.  And just when I start to get really annoyed at this misplaced weather phenomenon, the snow stops.  I just have to remember to be patient while Mother Nature straightens herself out, because if I know anything about Ohio weather, it’s that you just need to wait a few days and everything will go back to normal.  So until the temperature gets back to that 70 degree range, I’ll be sitting here, wrapped up in my snuggie, watching that thermometer climb.


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