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I’m in love with your honor, I’m in love with your cheeks
April 30, 2009

In approximately 7 hours, I will be experiencing Britney Spears live in concert.  I have been counting down to this day for months, not just for the concert but for the amazing weekend that lies ahead of me.  In all honesty, I was surprised I spent money on a ticket to this concert, but I’m so glad I did.  The Pussycat Dolls are opening, which I’m beyond pumped for (I like other music too, I swear!) and I’m going to be spending time with two of my favorite people in the whole world. 

The concert is at Ohio State and when KP first heard about it she ran the idea of attending by me.  As I said before, normally I wouldn’t want to spend my hard earned (ok, borrowed) money on this, but I do love Britney and any excuse to visit KP is a good one, so I jumped on board.  Michelle is coming too as well as our friend Cory.  Cory is leaving Columbus Friday, but Michelle and I are staying until Sunday.  This promises to be a weekend of epic proportions because for the first time in a long time I will have two of my best friends with me.  Michelle and Kelly get me like no one else does and I can’t wait to see them!

Alisa and I had a conversation about our college friendships the other night and we both realized that as much as we love each other and the other friends we have made here this year, our friendships are still very new.  We rushed into forging these strong bonds with people we had just met and our lack of knowledge of each other is starting to show.  We truly don’t know how one of our friends could react in a situation, and this uneasiness is causing tension in some areas.  I don’t know why I expected to create friendships similar to those I had in high school right off the bat; I worked 12 years at my relationships with Michelle, Kelly, and others, so expecting that kind of understanding and compatibility from someone I have only known a few months is unreasonable.  I know that I have found some amazing people here at OU and I’m so glad to have them in my life, but it is going to take some time before we have the strong friendship that I’m used to.  I’m willing to wait though, because I’m sure it will be worth it.

This weekend will be fantastic.  With KP and Michelle it’s so easy to have fun because they completely and absolutely understand me.  I don’t have to explain when I’m being sarcastic or a reference to something in my past because they just get it.  I’ll miss my Athens loves, but it’s been so long since I’ve had some quality Bay Village bonding that I’m antsy to get started!

peace, love, and diamonds. 


What a life I lead in the winded breeze, what a life I lead in the spring
April 26, 2009

This entry is made by request (hey, sister!).

Today we had our chapter meeting at Strouds Run, the lake about 10 minutes from campus.  It is so hot today that the murky brown water actually looked inviting, but I refrained.  We ate burgers and enjoyed the sun, which was a nice change of pace for chapter.  And yet, as much as I should have enjoyed this outing, I was somewhat depressed by my surroundings.  Don’t get me wrong, the fresh air and sunshine was great; it felt just like summer.  It made me even more excited for June to get here so I can go out on my boat and soak up the sun.  The problem was the drive there.  

As we made our way across the twisting, hilly Athens terrain, we passed many homes and I got that feeling of déjà vu.  The houses and trailers we passed reminded me of the houses I’ve worked on over the years through Appalachian Service Project.  I love going on mission trip but it’s always a very eye-opening experience that usually leaves me feeling humbled.  These impoverished areas are a far cry from Bay Village and while you meet some amazing people through ASP, I always feel so bad for the families we are helping.  The houses we work on are often not houses at all, in fact, I believe that 4 out of the 5 homes I’ve worked on have been trailers.  Despite their lack of adequate space and, in one situation, running water, these decrepit homes contain some of the happiest, most thankful people I have ever met.  They are content with how little they have, and while I try to learn from their impressive attitudes, I always want more for them.  Why shouldn’t every child have the chance to go to a great school and go on fun vacations?  Why shouldn’t every family have a car that runs properly and a home that is warm enough through the winter?  Just because I was born to my parents in Cleveland, Ohio doesn’t make me any less deserving than kids who were born to their parents in rural Kentucky or Athens, Ohio.  These kids may not know any other way to live, and therefore will most likely continue their lives in the same small town they were raised in and bring their kids up in similar poverty.  Again, I know I should learn from the positive attitudes of the families I have helped over the years, but I still think it is unfair that they live in conditions that contrast so sharply with my own.

All these thoughts were rushing through my head on our drive out to Strouds, and I couldn’t help but feel a little melancholy despite the beautiful weather.  And, while I wish everyone lived in safer, warmer, drier comfort, and programs like ASP were unnecessary, it’s always good to be reminded how fortunate I have been in my life. 

Oh, and here’s some music.

What I’ve got they used to call the blues
April 20, 2009

It’s raining…still.

Most people don’t appreciate a nice rainy day but I personally love a good drizzle accompanied by an overcast sky.  I promise I’m not some morbid, depressing person who cringes in the sunlight, I just enjoy a little rain.  I’ll admit it does present some wardrobe complications, especially in the pant department.  No one wants their pants dragging on the ground all day just to have the rain soak up to their knees, especially me.  Wet jeans are probably the most uncomfortable feeling ever, so making the proper footwear/pant length choice is crucial on a day like today.  Despite the time-consuming process of finding the perfect rainy day outfit, I love the atmosphere a thick blanket of clouds brings to this campus.  

Ok, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I hated the beautiful weather that graced Southern Ohio this weekend; it was fabulous.  The energy in Athens completely changes when the sun comes out and everyone is just a little happier, but there is no way we would appreciate that weather without a gloomy day now and then.  Last week’s string of drizzly days only made this past weekend all the more enjoyable.  After suffering through a week of April showers, the sunny weekend felt like a big reward.  And yet, despite experiencing the pure joy that is a sunny afternoon at Ohio University, today makes me happy.  I miss getting to drive in this weather; I have always found the steady fall of rain and the rhythmic swish of the windshield wipers to be strangely cathartic.  I still get that warm fuzzy feeling during a good rainstorm, though, because I know that tonight I’m going to curl up in my bed with a good movie or book, and that’s my favorite thing in the world.  

So, on a day such as this, I encourage all of you to look on the bright side.  Instead of seeing the rain as a downer, use it as an excuse to be incredibly lazy.  Stay inside, read a good book, hang with your friends and bond over a board game, I don’t care!  Just give the rain a chance. 

Side note:  My love for rainy days has no correlation with my hostility towards direct sunlight after falling asleep outside and burning half of my face this weekend.  Sorry for the run-on sentence.   

I know this song is about depression, but it makes me happy.  So, just because it’s a rainy day and a Monday:

Cleveland is the reason I’m leanin’
April 14, 2009

In true 369 fashion, a spontaneous religious discussion just busted out of nowhere.  Now that Kendall is upstairs, we get a new perspective for our random roomie conversations (example: Kendall just realized that maybe she’s Jewish. I can’t make this stuff up).  Meanwhile, Natalie is up in her bed concerned that she’s dying as she looks up her symptoms on WebMD.  I love the convo. 

Anyways, the real reason for this post: twitter.  I follow John Mayer’s twitter rather consistently, and as much as I love him, I feel that his twitter leaves a little to be desired.  I was hoping to receive some insight into the normal life of a famous person, but most of the stuff he posts isn’t surprising.  As much as I love the pictures and hilarious comments about group jumps in China, most of the “tweets” he posts are standard cocky statements like “there’s nothing better than falling asleep with your guitar on your chest.”  I feel you, bro. No!  Come on!  You and Jennifer Aniston break up and you don’t even mention it!  Give us the dirt!  That’s why I love Taylor Swift’s twitter.  She makes references to hanging with other celeb teens like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, and of course talks about her other-worldly life on the road.  It’s probably the age difference that does it; TSwift is into talking about her friends and her world, while JM is thinking more philosophically (pssh) and making broad statements about the world around him.  Either way, I love them both.  John, keep on making the soundtrack to my life (Battle Studies! Pumped!) and TSwift, well, just keep singing about my life.

Hang on, we have to go check if Natalie’s large swollen glands are due to a cat scratch she received two weeks ago and if it’s a possible symptom of scarlet fever…

om nom nom.
April 12, 2009


I’m always so excited to go back home.  I love seeing my family and my dog!  I even hang out with my parents; my mom and I went shopping and then I watched a movie with her and my dad.  I wish I could have hung out with the sister but she’s off galavanting around Europe (in MY clothes, but whatever, I’m over it) and she looks like she’s having a ball.  Plus, the Easter bunny came and I got a lot of chocolate, and then proceeded to eat it all in about 36 hours.  It’s all very relaxing, but there’s this weird feeling in my stomach the whole time I’m home that says “You’re not supposed to be here.”  Bay Village will always be my home, but I live in Athens now, which is why I’m so excited to be back!

Apparently I missed a lot this weekend, most importantly: KENDALL MOVED INTO THE CONVO. WOOO!  This is going to be awesome, not only because we get to hang all the time (not just in our 2 classes together) but because now when Ken leaves our room at 2 am, I don’t have to worry about her getting jumped on her walk back to her room. 

I’m not sad I missed moving her in though (no offense) because apparently it took about 7 trips across campus (1 mile) in the rain.  I’ll pass.  

Now we’re just waiting for our pizza to come and having a Lounge 1 jam session:

Time for me to start focusing on actual work, I seem to be forgetting that this upcoming week counts as real school. 

And remember: you can own the Earth and still all you’ll own is earth until you can paint with all the colors of the wind.

Week 2=Exam?
April 8, 2009

How is it that in the second week of spring quarter I am already feeling exam pressure?  This is not right.  Last week was prime: fun socials, easy week of classes, looking at the dopeness.  It was fantastic!  And now, reality is setting in.  Tomorrow I have a Psych exam so I am supposedly studying tonight with AJ at the Front Room, but I cannot study in this environment.  It is impossible for me to retain information with so much going on around me.  I’m supposed to be helping AJ with her econ homework (even though it’s self-explanitory! I hope you read this!), but since she’s a texting machine and is taking her sweet time with the assignment, I’m posting this instead. 

baby, it’s cold outside.
April 7, 2009

For some reason I like to think that Athens is exempt from the widely accepted Ohio weather laws.  For example, just because we are in Athens (and not Cleveland) does not mean that I should be surprised to see snow in April.  I mean, one spring break when my family stayed home and I painted my room, it snowed the entire time! I’m talking serious lakefront effect, not just these flurries that don’t stick to the ground.  And yet, despite my knowledge of Ohio’s unpredictable precipitation, I left all of my winter apparel at home.


My winter coats, my sweaters, the majority of my sweatshirts.  Hats, scarves, my beautiful leather and cashmere gloves.  I miss them.  And my Uggs!  Those unattractive, cozy, comfortable boots that keep my toes so warm!  I left all of it at home at the end of spring break.  “I live in Southern Ohio now,” I told my mom as I packed.  “It was 70 degrees when I left.  I’ll be fine without this stuff.”  I spoke too soon.  Now all I have to protect me from the chilling wind is a measly North Face fleece jacket and my flannel.  In all honesty I’m not complaining about the flannel; it keeps me warm while giving me a lumberjack/scenester look.  My sister and I bought matching ones from the guys’ section of American Eagle.  Yum.  Although I do love my flannel, when it’s the only thing keeping me insulated from this spring snow shower, I am a little resentful.  

I love the snow, I really do.  I love that first snowfall and getting days off of school.  My favorite thing to do is sit by a fire and watch a movie with some hot chocolate while it’s snowing outside.  But all of those things happen in winter.  It is officially spring now, and the snow just does not belong in this season.  And just when I start to get really annoyed at this misplaced weather phenomenon, the snow stops.  I just have to remember to be patient while Mother Nature straightens herself out, because if I know anything about Ohio weather, it’s that you just need to wait a few days and everything will go back to normal.  So until the temperature gets back to that 70 degree range, I’ll be sitting here, wrapped up in my snuggie, watching that thermometer climb.

When your lonely heart has learned it’s lesson…
April 1, 2009

I love John Mayer.  No, seriously, I love John Mayer.  I know nearly every song, and I check his blog/twitter like it’s my job.  I also love Frank Sinatra, because, frankly, who doesn’t?  So, when I stumbled upon this lovely youtube video, it’s safe to say I nearly died.  This makes my life.  Enjoy!